Friday, March 21, 2008

♥ ♦ Ambitious Targets ♣ ♠

I am tired of renting. I just signed another lease for a year, which is fine as it provides me stability, but what at the end of the year do I show for my money? Not really a whole lot. I want something that is mine, that at the end of a long work day I come home and see exactly what it is I am working for. And that is how OPERATION: OVER THE RAINBOW came into effect. For a goal to be achieved, it is thought that the goal must be a S.M.A.R.T one. And I think that OPERATION: OTR is. Basically it states that I want to own a home by March 10th, 2012. The goal is specific. It is Measurable. I find it acceptable and realistic. And I gave myself a time frame in which to achieve it.
How do I plan on reaching this goal? Well first thing is one needs a down payment to own a home. So I need to save a downpayment. It can be as little as 5%, although 20% would be desirable. So I need to start socking this away. My first mini-goal is to cut down by $200 a month my variable expenses (farewell dear cable) and increase my income by $200 a month (hello part-time job hunting).
My second goal is OPEARATION: SCHOOL'S OUT. I would like to complete my B.A. with a major in English by December 31, 2010. This also meets the S.M.A.R.T. goal guidelines. To reach this goal I have created myself a study schedule. I am enrolled in two courses at the present.My first plan of action is complete both of these courses by June 1st, 2008. I would also like to be enrolled to start another course by that date. Acheiving this education goal will increase my sense of worth as well as open doors to opportunities with a greater salary (thus helping me out with OPERATION: OTR.

My motto for the next four years? WORK HARD TODAY so I can RELAX TOMORROW.

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Dolly Iris said...

These are SMART goals and I wish you luck with them!