Friday, March 14, 2008

I am home! An uneventful drive last night, and I was ok on the road even though I abhor night driving. I get so nervous and it's really dark on the highway. But after lots of deep breaths, I calmed myself down and just drove. I am pretty tired today though.

I liked Lethbridge. I didn't really experience a whole lot of it because I was working, but people are really nice there. And the Wal-Mart is ginormous!!!! I almost got lost in there. :)

Today I get to babysit Z. Pretty excited about that. A and I are doing it together, while Jsquared go out on the town. Good experience for the two of us, because one day we are going to have kids and neither of us know the first thing about them. :)

I was thinking that I need to start taking pics to aid in the visualization of blogging. Going to get a memory card for my camera today.

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