Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Praise the Lord, Pass the ammo"

Yesterday was great.

First, I volunteered for the Cancer Society in the afternoon selling Daffodills to raise money for cancer. Daffodills are so pretty and they make me think of how soon Spring is going to be here. I am not entirely sure what their symbolic meaning is, but it is something I should look deeper into.
I met this really amazing woman yesterday too.She was my partner in crime to push Daffodills. She was from Brazil and had an aura of beauty around her. She made me feel really warm. Does that sound creepy? Regardless, I was able to instantly bond with her and she shared some of her hopes and dreams and goals with me. It was a great afternoon!

AND THEN... A called and asked me if I wanted to see Serj in concert as A was able to get two tickets last minute. So off we went to the University to check out the solo act of the former lead singer of System of a Down. The opening band was fairly good although their lead singer would bust out into a crazy dance that looked more like he was suffering from some sort of seizure. I was very afraid he was going to hurt himself. And after waiting forever, Serj the Diva made it on stage and rocked out. His stuff is ok although at times it felt like he was mocking his own music. I was still able to rock out though! :) A was able to get a picture before my camera was confiscated by the security guard. Ridiculous really as one can observe all of the phones taking pics and videos of the show!

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