Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One week...

...till my birthday and 9 more days till I leave for Boston/NYC extravaganza! I have so much school work to do in a week, it's ridiculous. But I want to keep on top of this crazy semester I enrolled in ( 4 classes is a lot when one works full time as well)

For Lent, I gave up the convenient cafeteria at my work. One week in and I am doing well. I also noticed I have an extra $100 in my account. Could I really be spending that much at the cafeteria??? It's possible I suppose. I had a fairly low key weekend too which could account for the "extra" money. I had to work at a trade show representing my employment which kept me busy and tired. Saturday night, A and I went to the symphony (which means I was able to cross off one of my 101 in 1001 goals!) and other than that I worked on homework.

It's hard to believe that I am turning 27 this year. Being as I spent most of my 20s partying it up, I need to really focus on the next three years to get to where I want to be at 30.


Dolly Iris said...

Congratulations on crossing another item off your list. I never made one :(

I'm turning 27 this year too. Time DOES go faster as you get older.

Dawn said...

Sounds like your Lent might give back financially! That would be a nice unexpected bonus.