Sunday, May 15, 2011

People are Awesome

So, this broken wrist thing in a cast has been really And I ended up taking Friday off of work because there was so much pain. It has its good moments and then it has its shooting pain, swelling, get-this-cast-off-of-me moments.

I'm trying to be optimistic and keep the complaining to a minimum. And I have looked at this cast as an opportunity.

My favorite chef's mother is part of a team doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Remember that I did this last year? Every person is responsible for raising a minimum amount and the amount can seem daunting at times. It all goes to helping Cancer research with the goal of a Cancer-free future. So, although it can be hard to ask people to sponsor you, or come up with events and ideas that people want to be a part of, it really is for a great cause to combat a disease that has affected every one in some way, shape or form. And battling cancer is a way tougher battle than either the 220 km you ride your bike alongside the Rocky Mountains or the money you need to raise to be a part of such an epic journey.

I have been "charging" people a minimum donation to sign my cast with all proceeds going to LN's fundraising efforts. I am almost at $100 and it's amazing to see (once again) how supportive my friends and family are and even more astounding to see strangers dig in their pockets for a twoonie after asking me what happened to my arm, hearing my tale and how I am now taking advantage of my disadvantage to raise money for a cause I truly believe in. Seriously, as much as you read and see and hear stories about the evil in this world, it turns out that the majority of humankind live up to the kind part. We need to stop giving so many bad apples 90% of the spotlight and start focusing on the awesome people out there that make this world better every day through small acts.

If you are interested in helping out LN's fund raising efforts, please check out her page. Every dollar counts, no matter how small and meager it may seem.

I'll post pictures of my cast's really starting to fill up :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Laura, currently broken and in a cast as well and I would love to donate something and sign your cast but I am a bit far in NYC,lol. How are you feeling? My wrist is throbbing and haven't slept well since getting the cast 4 days ago! Ugh,anyway feel free to email me,