Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

After a gloomy week filled with showers that were supposed to be here in April so we could have our May flowers, the sun decided to come out and play. And luckily for Calgary and Lilac Festival attendees (which seemed like pretty much every one in this city), we had beautiful warm weather for the annual street festival.

Patios filled up as people escaped the packed streets for a refreshing cold drink and an opportunity to catch up with friends that they may have bumped into. Vendors peddled their goods, from cat toys to bubble blowing guns, kettle corn to hot dogs, fashion, jewelery and art. There were stages for musicians to perform on and various companies showcased the talents they could teach you (my favorite was witnessing a lady a few years younger than my grandmother use her self defense skills to take down a pretend perp and beat him with her purse).

Two guys even built a bicycle that when pedalled would use the energy to generate the electricity needed to blast their stereo. What a fun idea!

And I always feel that Lilac fest is the opening ceremony for summer. Super stoked for a summer filled with lots of sun and adventures :)

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Solitary Diner said...

Beautiful pictures. I miss the Lilac Festival since leaving Calgary.