Sunday, April 8, 2012

Quarter 2 Goals

  • Run the entire loop around the Glenmore Resevoir (approximately 16km) non-stop- Did not meet this goal.
  • Use Living Social Yoga Coupon purchased in January (Activated June 6, 2012) Read blog post here
  • Substitute water and tea for coffee 6 out of 7 days a week I completely gave up coffee for the month of June (it was a long 30 days, but I don't crave coffee anymore. Am a huge fan of green tea now. And MIO in my water (which will probably change as I became more aware of where my food was coming from this quarter). 
  • Research and implement ways to become more of a locavore: Read Raj Patal's Stuffed and Starved, Michael Pollen's The Omnivore's Dilemma, Locavore by Sarah Elton, began shopping at the farmers market weekly, contacted Slow Food Calgary for a potential lunch and learn workshop with EWIN.
  • Save $1000 for vacation with Rainman in August  We are no longer going on vacation in August. Going to plan a winter vacation somewhere tropical instead. No longer applicable
  • 25 hours volunteer work that continues growing my network, my interpersonal skills and my professional skills: Met this goal as of May 28! Total at end of June 2012 =27 hours :) Total for year-to-date:52
  • Close mutual funds account and move the funds into my RRSP- Did not meet this goal
  • Finish Atlas Shrugged- Did not meet this goal. This book is great once I start reading again, I read all evening. But then I put it down and it takes me weeks to pick it back up.
  • Learn 1 new skill on each of the Window Office Applications that will improve my job efficiency  I took an online office suite exam and in the process learned how to find the next best meeting time for all attendees using Outlook, how to print 3 spreadsheets onto one sheet, how to merge two excel workbooks onto the same workbook, how to import text into excel, how to automatically create a table of contents in word, how to add a comment when reviewing a document and how to auto add citations using the appropriate citation style.
  • Attend a networking type session that will increase my knowledge in one of the areas I am interested in career wise (social media, event planning, writing): Signed up for MRU's Social Media for Business Extension Certificate, will have completed first 2 courses and a twitter workshop as of June 30 2012. Considering this a step towards the future I want as it has taught me new skills and allowed me to meet other like minded individuals!

I think this has been my most productive quarter and I am highly motivated to continue this with the third quarter of 2012. Great way to break down my goals and actually tackle them :)

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