Monday, April 2, 2012

Run Baby Run

"Love can be strange, Don't it amaze you?"

Did I mention I took up running? I started to give back to various charities while forcing myself to work out. Win-win right? Except I may possibly be addicted now.

Yesterday I ran my first 10k to help raise money for the Calgary International Food Bank. It felt fantastic to feel the brisk Spring air against my face as I ran next to the river, hearing birds chirp and the water rush and the various conversations of runners next to me discuss times, techniques and random gossip to help get through the kilometers. I paced myself pretty good the first 5K and then at the turn around point, I increased my speed up a notch. It felt pretty awesome to see I made it 7km, 8km and finally 9km. That final km to the finish line, I booked 'er. part of it was that I just wanted to be done running, part of it was to meet my goal of completing in 65 minutes and part of it was to see Rainman waiting for me at the finish line with a look of pride upon his face. I didn't notice the clock when I made it in. There was a lot of excitement happening around the end. Volunteers cheering us on, loved ones waiting with anticipation for their runners to cross the line, people reaching out for our tags to help officially mark our time. Rainman informed me that it was at 59:30. Official time came in last night and I actually did it in 59:16. 6 minutes less than my goal and my first 10k in under an hour. Even typing this, I am beaming and so proud of myself! 

Yesterday was a first for me, marking the beginning of more races,more runs, more feelings of accomplishment. I already began researching half-marathons that I could train for. Imagined places i could travel to and compete in races. Adding more and more adventures into my bucket, not necessarily checking them off of an elusive bucket-list. Rainman told me that he wouldn't mind running too. And I imagine us running together -- weekend morning jogs in the park, raising money and awareness for various causes, meeting at the finish line, glowing with sweat and joy for reaching goals together. I loved having him waiting for me at the finish line, but the idea of crossing it with me is even more appealing. There is nothing like sharing your new found love in life with the love of your life. The biggest benefit of all of this running is that I am shedding the shell of my past and welcoming my future to join me.

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