Saturday, October 11, 2008

$500 windfall

Last March, for my birthday, A handed me a card with the note that he would pay for one of my courses. Yesterday evening (being as I just started my two new courses), I received an email with a $500 bank transfer. Right away I applied this to my credit card. He also emailed me $44 for his Alberta Health Care this month and I transferred that to my down payment account.
Today, I am baking for the United Way bake sale taking place at work on Tuesday. I am super excited to spend an afternoon with friends decorating Halloween cupcakes and making peanut butter cookies. Bakerella is our inspiration (although I do believe she needs to venture away from the cake pops. I get it, you're amazing and make cute cake pops. Move on!) and you should check her blog out sometime at
I am too lazy to link right now.

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Canadian Saver said...

That's a great birthday gift!!! Takes some financial stress away :-)

My little cousin (3 years old) was sitting in my lap when I checked out the Bakerella site... he loved the cake pops decorated as dogs!