Thursday, October 2, 2008

October's Goals

A new month, a new slate and no more worrying about Child Development! And October contains my favorite holiday (Halloween :))! I have decided to go as the paper bag princess this year. I had to analyze this story for my Children's Literature course two summers ago and have a new found respect for it. I also found a paper leaf bag for fall clean up that will be long enough to cover me like a dress. Some soot and some messed up hair and a tiara and I should be good to go. I am considering photocopying images from the story to decoupage onto my "dress" just in case there are people out there who have no idea who the paper bag princess is (and if you don't --shame on you. Go read some Robert Munsch, I also recommend Mud Puddle and Mortimer).
So my goals for this month are not too crazy as I learned my lesson last month when I had two melt downs due to school stress.
1)Pay off Banff Hotel Charge ($484.88)
2)Finish up Literature of the Americas course (aka my English Essay that I have procrastinated on)
3)Create a study Schedule for the two courses that I started yesterday
4)No Spending Ts (I stole this from Frugal Dreamer)
5) Read first 2 books of each course (4 books total, but I am almost done the first one)

The last goal may be the hardest to complete, but I figure that as long as I plug away at it, it's not entirely impossible. I read on the bus and before bed now anyway. It may as well be school reading. I thought I could finish these two courses in 3 months, but I don't want the stress I felt in September to happen in December (with Christmas that month too!), so I have decided to try and finish one for sure in 3 months and the other I will give myself a little more time. That means I will only receive 18 credits this year instead of the 21 I want. The nice thing is that one of the courses doesn't have any exams --just two papers. That takes away the stress of scheduling exams!


Dolly Iris said...

What a GREAT costume!! I have to admit I haven't read that story in a long time so I got a refresher from wiki!

My favorite Robert Munch is "I'll love you forever". Aww!

I'm glad to see you're taking some of the pressure off. I'm trying to do that too this month. I have a lot to do but most things are fun or family related so I'm up for it!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look of your blog ;) Great goals too!! I hope you have a successful month!!

What an awesome costume idea!! I love Robert Munsch! I'm with Dolly, mine is also "i'll love you forever" - i still cry whenever i read it! :)

Arual said...

That is a fabulous book. Sometimes I say the lines outloud to my boyfriend, but he doesn't know what I am quoting (am I seriously dating someone who doesn't know the Munsch magic? Doe that sound really dirty?? lol).
I am collecting Dr. Seuss books right now, but I think I might start collecting Robert Munsch books too.

Frugalchick said...

What a teriffic costume idea!

Anonymous said...

Great costume.

I have always been a Munsch fan. But now, I am all about Princess Bubble. The humor just is right up my alley.