Friday, October 10, 2008

TGI A Long weekend!!!

It's Thanksgiving. The time of year where the great Turkey is honoured and celebrated. I hate turkey. I think all bird is pretty gross actually. I look forward to this time of year because it means a long weekend (woohoo!!!) and usually a good deal of pumpkin pie.
I am working at the toy store on Sunday and Monday. On Monday I should be getting paid time and a half. All of this money is going to my credit card which was used to pay for my two courses in school I just started and needs to be taken down again. I can't wait till school is over and my credit card is paid off. And I don't have to work part-time anymore.
A and I are talking about moving in together in April when my lease is up. That would mean I would be cutting my expenses all in half. Right now I pay $1200 a month in rent and about $200 in bills (less in summer, more in winter). If A and I move in together, I would have about $700 extra a month to put towards debt, my downpayment, my emergency fund and paying for school. The issue is, A and I tried living together before and he couldn't handle that I was always around (I lived there!!! Where was I supposed to go?) and we decided to live seperately again. He says that this time he is ready. I think I am not so sure I am anymore. It makes financial sense, but there is a sense he may not be ready again and I can't go through life with an open door policy (does that even make sense?). I am also hoping that my dad's carrot of a loaned downpayment comes through....
I love living on my own. I want to blast Madonna and dance one stops me. I want quiet while I read, I don't turn anything on. I guess I will see how I feel in February or March. Sometimes I think i would like him to move in now. Other times I wonder if our arrangement now is the best one. But like his mom stated, eventually we will probably have to live together (you know, when we marry and have babies...)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your weekend of the bird.


Dolly Iris said...

1200?!?!?! Holy Crapola!

Sharing the rent and bills is an amazing helper. I love living with my BF (most of the time) but for the first while I hated it. I had grown to love living by myself for all the same reasons you've listed. After awhile I started to get used to him and now I even miss him when he's gone.

It would be awesome if that down payment carrot would land because then you would be in control of the living situation if things didn't work out. What am I saying? Of course they will... but still just looking our for my girl. ;)

Making up for past mistakes said...

Moving in together is certainly a big decision, and one to think long and hard about first.

Why not do a trial run, and try it for a month or so?

Best of luck!

QL girl said...

Where do you live that its Thanksgiving? hehe. I LOVE Thanksgiving, but unfortunately its not for another month for me!

Interesting thoughts about living on your own. I really miss it, since i've been living with my parents the last two years. When I move out it'll definitely be on my own for a while. The tough part will be determining when I'll finally be ready for the BF to move in. (Yikes!) Good luck with your decision...although you have plenty of time to think it through.

Enjoy your thanksgiving!

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

Hey, I didn't realize it was Thanksgiving in Canada - we've got another month down here in the States...

Enjoy your day off and yummy food!

Canadian Saver said...

That is a lot to pay for rent, I agree. Love the idea of another trial run, if you can do that.

Happy Thanksgiving!!