Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have used my $500 windfall to remove the Banff Hotel charge off of my credit card reconciliation spreadsheet. Yesterday I also applied my toy store pay cheque of $157 to my credit card as well as $93 from my full-time job. I was able to apply approx $750 this weekend and cleaned up a lot of little charges. Some of the charges were from cab fares back and forth to events for my full time job that I will be reimbursed for.
I worked both Sunday and Monday of this weekend at the toy store and on Monday was paid time and a half for the hours I put in (yay to holidays!). My next pay cheque from the toy store should be around $255 and this too shall be directly applied to my credit card.
On Saturday I plan on bringing all of my rolled coin, as well as leftover British money to the bank, and boosting my down payment account.
This month is looking really great financially.

I am working away in my Canadian Lit course as I am hoping to complete it by December 17, 2008. It's a tight timeline, but if I complete it I will have covered enough credits this year to be considered a full time student come tax time which should help me in the tax return department. This course should also keep me busy enough that I won't be spending copious amounts of money on entertainment in the next couple of months.


Canadian Saver said...

Good idea to pay off all those little charges!

Working on holidays is always a lot more interesting if there is OT involved, isn't it? :-)

Frugal Dreamer said...

Woohoo!! Good for you! :)

Making up for past mistakes said...

You're making great progress on that credit card! I am sharing your joy as I'm getting there on mine too! :-)