Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Butterfly Kisses

Making up for Past Mistakes awarded me with a BUTTERFLY Award! Thank you so much :) I am sure you can tell based on the title of my blog that I love the butterflies. I have always felt an attraction to butterflies like most girls and then after a horrible break-up many years ago I stumbled upon two quotes that aided my decision to make the butterfly my emblem. The first quote was: If it weren't for change, we wouldn't have butterflies. I was able to see that change was a good thing. The second quote was: what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. This enlightened me to see that my break up was not the end of the world, and there was hope I would morph into something beautiful from all of the sadness. I collect butterflies or little bits of beauty in the hopes of becoming the woman I want to be -- financially, socially and emotionally.

I award this butterfly award to:
Dolly Iris
Canadian Saver

These two ladies have read my blog from almost day one and motivated me to keep writing which in turns has been aiding my finances. Thanks Ladies. ☺


Canadian Saver said...

I really like the new look :-)

And thank you soooo much for the award!!! Very sweet of you :-)

pennypincher said...

This blog post has come at such a critical time for me. On Monday my mother can into town for a visit and brought me a butterfly. She said that she was praying over me and my breakup with the "ex" and she is it as a omen. Butterflies are supposed to be good luck. Then, yesterday as we were walking into a restaurant to eat lunch, there was a beautiful butterfly on the sidewalk. The butterfly was alive so I didn't keep it, but she reinforced the idea that something great is going to come from the breakup. Now, she sees the something great as us getting back together, and I am not sure that it what it is, but the fact remains there have been a lot of great omens in my life this week. Thanks for your post.