Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Telus

Thanks for the Sweet Deal! Now instead of paying $9 a month of unlimited evenings and weekends, I now pay $2. $7 a month I can now save or use towards downloading ring tones and useless games! Thanks friends :)



Northern Living Allowance said...

Whaaaat??? Sweet Deal indeed! Man...What kind of package do you have? Mine is apparently a better deal than others, but I'm seriously doubting it...


Arual said...

My Plan is:
Service (includes 250 daytime airtime minutes, free incoming calls, free after 7pm and weekends, voice mail): $17.30
Upgrade to free after 5: $2.00
Spark 16 (unlimitted text mssg, internet browsing partner sites, caller ID) $16

So total bill is around $45 (thats including GST, Network and access)

Not a bad deal I don't think. And I think telus to telus calls are free too...

The plan is called the Sweet Deal plan plus my spark 16 for the text messaging. I am just happy that I can save $7 with switching from insider plan to sweet deal plan.