Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't like Mondays

...but I really like that song :)
This weekend was crazy. Friday night I karioked (spelling? how does one spell it anyway?)with my brother, Saturday I was feeling the effects of too many imported beers so watched 3 seasons of Sex and the City (I am now done the entire series! Woo!) and Sunday I went for sushi with a girlfriend. I spent way too much money and now have to juggle a little as I forgot Molly has her vet appointment on Saturday. But I will be okay. I just need to keep it on the DL this week and money issues will work themselves out.

I can't wait to be finished work today because I really want to nap. I had to be up early for training sessions at work (this will last 2 weeks) and my body is rejecting that lack of one extra hour of sleep. I know I should keep myself up till at least 9 so that I don't mess up my sleeping patterns, but I want a nap so bad!

Reading Frankenstein for school right now and really enjoying it. Northern Living Allowance went and watched the play on the weekend and I hope she posts her review once its written --hint, hint ;)


Northern Living Allowance said...

Psst! I posted a review of Frankenstein. My disclaimer: I'm by no means a pro at this and it's quite basic, but you really had to be there... :P

Dolly Iris said...

I think I bored my company this weekend and so they left early back to the mainland. I kept falling asleep. I guess my body really needed it because I can't seem to sleep well on weekdays lately. It must be work stress. Booo!

I totally don't do karaoke. I like to sing but I'm horribly bad. I sing anyway though at work and once had a customer tell me I should stop, lol. Like I care! I dance and sing when I please.

I think I've finished seasons One and Two... I've still got some Sex and the City loving to go.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hey, you're welcome for the review! Like I said, it was pretty basic. I'm working on my "proper" review for school now, and am going to work on it over the next couple of weeks. If you want to see it when I'm done (or perhaps when I get it back, to see the smokin' mark ... ha ha ha ... ahem ...) let me know.

The adaptation is, I believe, quite different from the original, but beautifully done: poetic, balletic, wonderfully musical...It still allows you to acknowlege the tragic aspects, but in a slightly lighter manner. Mesmerizing is indeed the best word to use for it!

Good luck with your reading!

SavingDiva said...

I had sushi the other day was delicious...YUM! I hope you're enjoying Frankenstein...I've never read it. I might have to pick it up!