Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday: Inspiration

In the many hours I spend working on my surfing skills (of the Internet), I discover sites, blogs, pictures, ideas, etc. that cause me to dream and wonder and think about the kind of life I want and how to get there. This morning, I visited a blog (.turningpages.) I recently discovered through some chain of events that I can't really remember now and Annie wrote about having to come up with a plan for school. Which led her to think about what her curriculum would be if she had to choose classes for the school of life. Her list includes fun "classes" like Cooking with Friends, International Travel and Children's Lit(I actually studied a Children's Lit course and highly recommend!).

I love this! And I started thinking about what Life courses I would have. Like Annie,I want to attend Cooking with Friends. I also would like the following on my list:

Cooking with Friends (includes special Christmas Baking with Friends workshop every year)

Putting the Fun in Fundraising: planning events that people love attending for great causes

Freelance writing while sitting in a beach chair: How to get there

Road Trips: The Art of Discovering the Hidden Gems Everywhere

Decorating: How to turn your apartment into the place that makes you happiest (with a special "Don’t be afraid to use colour" work shop!)

Understanding Films (with a major concentration on 80s adventure films)

Dance: Grooving the night away to killer live music at your favorite drinkin’ holes

Money Management 101: How to do everything you want while on a budget

Conquering Fear: Getting out there and doing it today!

Travel: See New Parts of the World 4 Times a Year!

What classes would you want to attend to help you get the life you love?

And a shout out to Annie (who I have never met or talked to before). This Thankful Tuesday, I am thankful for stumbling upon your blog.

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Dolly said...

We have a lot of similiar goals. Fun post!