Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Plans

I could throw myself an awesome pity party...because that is how I am feeling today. Complete with pity-sparklers, maybe a glow stick or two and lots of wine (whine??).
Instead I am going to go and see my favorite person from Niagara Falls who is in town tonight at my favorite bar. He'll surely turn this inner frown upside down (or at least help me drink this mood away). Dr. Monkey Beerson....get ready to rock and roll!

And it's a long weekend bitches! Which I am going to jam pack with exhilarating games of Tetris on my ol' xbox, some massive cooking to fill my freezer, walks in the park with Molly to find sweet benches to sit at and work on my school work. And probably a drunken heart-to-heart with myself about this life of mine.

I'm feeling mighty sad these days with no real reason. Well there are reasons, but not good ones -- I am feeling some major fear at work that I might not be good enough for my job (and my counterparts may discover this!), I am worried about not obtaining my degree ever and have thus relied on procrastination to paralyze me, I suck at parking, and I just don't feel connected to my people lately. I don't really feel connected to anyone lately. I kind of feel like I was thrown off my boat with no life jacket and I just realized I still haven't learned to swim (note: I really should sign up for swimming lessons).

Oh, and I keep saying things to some one that might be hindering me from the future I want. Because I am a dumb ass that can't just chill out.


Good thing I am not having that pity party till later this weekend!

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