Monday, March 28, 2011

My Life in a List: The fun weekends are fun edition

After giving 40 hours of my life a week to the man, there is nothing I ♥ more than being able to have a jam-packed fun weekend. This was one of the better ones:

♦birthday dinner celebrations! I was supposed to make the dinner, but my helper took over. We had a delectable 4 cheese stuffed porkchop served with a yam and potato medley and a lovely strawberry salad

♦checked out my step-brother-in-law's (are you still following?) new bar and met up with a team that is doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer this year. They asked for my help in fundraising. As this is one of the things that make me super happy, I gladly said yes! Super excited to help this team meet and surpass their fundraising goals :)

♦had ice cream cake for breakfast. My life is awesome!

♦hit up the golf show! Filled a bag with swag and entered a million different contests to different golf resorts (would they be called resorts? I don't golf, but I do love travelling and posh hotels). The golf show also had different booths set up where you could show off your skills and all proceeds went to help the Kids Cancer Care Foundation (the same foundation I am doing my book drive for). Awesome!

♦fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was super nice to dress up. Boys are super cute when they dress up ;-) (that said, boys are also cute when they are in work clothes and when they are not wearing anything).

♦watched Black Swan. Yes, this is a ballet movie, but it is more about the intense, dark side of ballet AND it explains the story line of Swan Lake. Even my partner-in-crime watching it enjoyed it. I am now super intrigued to see the Alberta Ballet's rendition of Swan Lake.

♦Bought a violin! I have never picked up the violin before, but always wanted to learn. Found a fantastic deal on kijiji (the violin is brand new, never played before and I paid less than $100) and my brother and I went to pick it up. Just meeting the old couple selling the violin was a hilarious adventure. New favorite line to say to my brother? Skin disease.

♦Went to an open mic jam and watched my brother rock out for a bit. Had amazing pizza and a pint of beer.

♦Came home and saw that my tweet about the golf show had been retweeted by the CEO and founder of the Kids Cancer Care Foundation. Sent her a thank you and she asked me to call her! Fantastic way to end a fantastic weekend.

Next weekend is going to be even busier! I am super excited. Two volunteering events, a play and a fundraising dance. I am loving this life that I live.
What did you do over the weekend? Any exciting plans coming up?

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Gracelyn said...

Wow...what an awesome weekend! Ice cream cake for breakfast....yuumm!!