Friday, March 4, 2011

So many conversations take place...

... around one's kitchen table. Small talk over meals, serious talks over cups of coffee, silly talks over shots of Tequila. For years I have been thinking about what my dream kitchen table would be. When I first moved out, I had room mates and one had a table already so no need to buy one was there.

When Adam and I lived together, it was one of those things on my list but I wasn't sure how long we would be in our place for (hindsight is always 20/20. My gut knew).
When I moved in here, I knew I needed one. And even though I know this is not my forever home, I wanted something that was of value and I could use it either in my future kitchen or, ideally, my future games room.

I bit the bullet this morning. Using my bonus from work and the excuse that I deserved something for my upcoming birthday, I dragged my dad to all sorts of furniture stores. He had the truck in case I found one. And find one I did.

This was also half an action item on my 30 before 30 (number 12). And now I feel so grown up and ready to invite people over for a dinner party!


Northern Living Allowance said...

Congrats! It's such a great feeling - better than I would ever have thought, to be honest - to have your very own grown-up table isn't it? Good choice. The colours are really neat. Hope you get lots and lots of use out of it! :)

She-Ra said...

So exciting!!! It looks great! Perfect for another round of Hungry Hungry Hippos. :)

Dolly Iris said...

So true!
Kitchen tables are an important part of relationship growth between all people. Right on sister friend.
L-O-V-E your choice BTW!

Happy completed a 30b430 goal day!