Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Life in a List: The Olfactory Edition

Let's start this post discussing the image the word olfactory puts in my head. I instantly imagine a factory creating old. The place where all the wonderful old things in this world come from: movies, pictures, babushkas. It's a bittersweet factory. It cures feelings of nostalgia by creating the old we miss, but all old things do need to cease existing in order to be old and thus that feeling of decay and death is quite depressing. *sigh* The saddest place to work ever.

But that's not really what this post is about! Today as I walked to work, the smell of rain was in the air. That clean, fresh smell of damp Earth and moisture in the sky. And I was so excited that I could smell rain, it made me think about all of the other smells that I adore.

♥ Fresh cut grass! Sucks to be you if you have severe allergies and can't handle this wonderful aroma
♥ Baking Bread! Seriously, I love the smell of baking bread so much, that sometimes I just bake a loaf to act as an air freshener.
♥ Similar idea as to bread is the smell of a stew that has been simmering in your crock pot all day. To walk into your house, greeted with the savory odor is pure heaven
♥ Right-out-of-the-shower boys! That clean smell of soap on the smoothest part of their skin. AMAZING!
♥ The smell of diesel and dirt mixed in work clothes is also hot. Feel free to judge. I have a weakness for hardworking men.
♥ Vanilla. I will always love vanilla. Since the 7th grade.
♥ Bon fires! But not ones that have had gas cans poured all over and are burning whatever is available. I know rednecks that do this, I do not recommended roasting marshmallows on these open fires.
♥ Pages of books. Seriously. Any book I have read, I fan the pages in front of my nose. I can't describe its awesomeness.
♥ Cinnamon oatmeal. This tastes as delicious as it smells
♥ Brewing coffee. Like bread and stew this is one of my favorite air fresheners in my home

What are your favorite smells?

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She-Ra said...

I agree with baked bread and showered boys! I love the smell of BBQ meat, the ocean, the mountains, suntan lotion (it reminds me of summer vacations), bacon, and candy stores.