Wednesday, September 25, 2013

April 20, 2014

My eyes slowly open and I look beside me. He is still sleeping peacefully, my husband. We have been married less than 24 hours. I reach over and place my hand on his, smiling to myself. I am a Mrs.and get to have sleepover parties with my best friend for the rest of our life.

The day before is a montage of moments over flowing with emotions. From seeing his face look at me as I walked to him holding my daddy's arm, my stomach fluttering with butterflies. Our first kiss as Man and Wife. The joy of seeing our loved ones all in the same room. Sitting quietly in the limo, enjoying a moment of solitude before entering the reception and having wishes toasted upon us over dinner. Dancing, laughing, his hand on the small of my back. The decor, the food, the love. Posing for photographs to capture each of those moments, unknowing which moments were caught candidly.

As so many before us stated, the day was over too quickly. We had documentation stating that we were now bonded legally till death do us part. We professed and publicly displayed our commitment to over 100 witnesses while hosting a fabulous party.

And here I am, relaxed, reliving those moments with elation. I test out my new last name, quietly in my head and then aloud. He wakes up, pulls me in close to his chest, and tells me he loves me.

We begin the next chapter of our lives. Happily. Ever. After.

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