Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekend

.caught up on Under the Dome. A summer series that I still have no idea what it was truly about, although I think corruption. Aliens are not fans of corruption. I also learned that the worst insult EVER is to call a man a politician. SUPER BURN!

.continued with my 30 day yoga challenge. Hot Core is a tough class. You won't realize it until the next day. 

.ran the Rock the House Run 5K for Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta. My Chip time was 28:41:95 -- which means I was able to get my 5k under 30 minutes. And I placed 19th out of 480 for my gender. I'll take it! The mile a day for 30 days challenge was the key to this I think. I am on day 29 today.

.volunteered for TLB Group's YYC Rocks for Future Rock Stars event. 30 bands came together over 2 days, and for a minimum donation of $10, the audience was treated to a thriving indie scene in Calgary Rock music. I am still waiting to hear the final numbers from the event, but the goal is to help kids receive instruments and music lessons.

.spent Saturday afternoon painting. Set up the easel and played with acrylics while listening to Meatloaf. I would do anything for love, but I won't do that.

.watched the final episode of Dexter. And was left incredibly disappointed. Truthfully though, I would probably have been disappointed in whatever way they decided to end it. I won't provide any spoilers, it just tied up too neatly and conveniently for me.

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