Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Thoughts racing through my veins, details demanding to be prioritized. My pulse rising to match the tempo of sentences sent to stimulate my sensitive sensories, increasing stress reactions. It's late. I begin to feel settled and a simple notion sets off another wave of never ending ideas linked seemingly by coincidence.

I imagine my body grow heavier, enveloped by blankets, shrouding me in warmth. I count backwards, envisioning each number written out in my mind in the lost art of cursive. I embrace the thoughts, acknowledging their presence, releasing them until the morning. I feel the air fill my lungs, fill my belly, fill me until I release it with those urgent thoughts.

The heaviness gives way to light, I float into darkness. I enter the world of my subconscious. And with a final leap from the due diligence of the day, I begin to breathe.

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