Monday, November 24, 2008

Ball's-Eye View

I was tagged twice for the same meme by Making up for Past Mistakes and Northern Living Allowance. They both want to know interesting things about me and I guess my blog doesn’t divulge enough quirkiness! Just kidding. It actually took me most of the morning to come up with six things that people might find interesting about myself and I hope I don’t fail!

1) I was born March 10, 1982. This is the 69th day of the year and I am a Pisces. On March 10th, 1982 there was a little phenomenon happening that day in the universe called sygyzy. All nine planets (back when there were nine planets…poor Pluto, I still believe in you) aligned on the same side of the sun. I like to think it was so no planet overshadowed my birth. I am vain like that.

2) When I was 18 years old I accepted a date from this guy. It seriously trumps all bad first dates from Hell. He picked me up and we went for pizza. He then asked if I wanted to meet up with some of his friends to shoot some pool. I thought that would be fine until it turned out his “friends” were his ex-girlfriend and the guy she cheated on my date with!!! AWKWARD!! I wish I believed I was worth more than I did that night and I would have left right away. Instead, I began drinking to lessen the tension. I was the only one drinking. After we played pool for a couple of hours, we decided to call it a night. My date drove us all home. First he dropped off his ex and her date at her place and then me. For some reason he ran a red light and our car was t-boned. My side was the side that was hit and I was thrown out of the vehicle. Someone out there was looking out for me because although I flew out of a car, scraped my body along the road, woke up in the hospital, and suffer from back pain now, I only have two scars on my body that are small and fairly unnoticeable. I was also able to walk right away and did not have a single broken bone. I didn’t accept a second date from that guy.

3)When I was 19, I went to a psychic. So far the only thing she said to come true was that she saw me with a little dog. My father adopted Molly from the SPCA for me a year or so later. She is a shih tzu and weighs in at 8 lbs. And like me, although she is little, she is tough (oh, who am I kidding…we both get by on cuteness). Molly is my shadow and I can’t imagine life without her. When I started working full-time I was worried about her being alone all of the time. One day at work I heard all of these magpies (a pretty bird that gets through life by being a jerk) squawking and cawing and being loud jerks. They were dive bombing into the yard beside the warehouse I worked in. I went to investigate and there was a small cat (maybe 6 months old?). I threw rocks at the magpies and lured the kitty to me. I then brought her to my friends place because they were looking for a cat. What we didn’t know was that this cat was prego and a few months later we had 5 little kitties that needed a home. I picked Oryx to take home because he greeted me at the door. Molly now had a little friend to play with. Oryx is now 3 years old and weighs in at over 20 lbs. My two furry babies still play fight and cuddle and I am so glad to have both of them in my life.

4) So if you read my blog, this is not new news. I hate all things fowl: chicken, turkey, duck, goose, magpies! I have never eaten a magpie nor would I ever as they are scavenger birds, but I still hate them. I do like eggs a lot though…is it wrong that I enjoy eating bird fetuses?

5. I am signing up for the ride to conquer cancer. This is a 200km bike ride from Calgary to the Rocky Mountains. It takes place next June and is a 2 day ride. I am starting to train now. My bike rides usually consist of coasting down the hill to wal-mart than asking my dad to pick me up. BUT I know in my heart I can do this and can’t wait for the feelings of accomplishment that will come with it.

6. My paternal grandparents met in a German work camp in World War II. So as strange as this may sound, if it weren’t for Hitler’s morbid vision I wouldn’t be here today. My grandmother is of Russian descent and lived in Latvia and my grandfather is from Holland. Fate once again worked its magic allowing the two of them to meet, marry and fall in love. They had to get married because if not, my grandmother would have been sent back to Latvia. The story goes that my grandpa took her to city hall and he said ya, so my grandma said da and then realized they were married. I love that story. She giggles when she tells it and he says that it’s been a wonderful 60 plus years. I want to find someone to spend 60+ years with.

So, hopefully that was interesting enough for everyone. I tag you to do it if you want because I think everyone I know has been tagged.


Making up for past mistakes said...

Wow! That is definitely an interesting list!
1)That is SO cool!
2)Definitely a horrible first date, and I'm so glad you're okay.
3)Love that you went to a psychic, I want to go to one sometime. And LOVE that you rescued that little kitty and ended up with one of her babies. I don't know what I'd do without my 2 kitties either.
4)I think it's funny that you hate birds, but eat eggs! And you're not eating bird fetuses - the eggs you're eating haven't been fertilized, therefore would never have become baby birds.
5)Wow - that is great, and I know you can do it!
6)That is a great love story, and I hope you find that special someone too.

QL girl said...

Wow, very interesting!! (Much more than mine was, lol).

I didn't know that could even happen with all the planets....its even cooler that it happened on the day you were born, hehe.

About your date from hell (holy cow, that WAS horrible), I honestly think that drinking helped you too(they say that it helps the muscles relax when you've been drinking, thus helping you take an impact better). WOW...I'm still amazed you survived something like that.

I love your kitten story, and I LOVE your grandparents' story!!! It sounds like something from a storybook. =]

Northern Living Allowance said...

Those are awesome! I'm a sucker for animal stories and bad date stories (and, okay, for a good love story like your grandparents' one, too!).

Thanks so much for sharing! And if you need sponsors for your bike race, let me know. That's amazing!

Frugalchick said...

What an amazing story about your grandparents!

And I'm so glad you rescued that kitty--there are too many people who turn their backs on animals. :(

Dolly Iris said...

These are the most interesting 6 random facts that anyone has posted! Honest, funny and ... poor Pluto.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I also hate fowl!

Arual said...

Dear Over the Cubicle Wall:
Thank you for hating fowl as well. i believe there is a small army of us out there that can take over holidays like Thanksgiving and demand a better tasting main dish to be served. Like falafels. Heehee. Just kidding although I do love the falafel, I wouldn't demand it to be the main dish.