Friday, November 21, 2008

Junk Stew

It’s quarter to four on a Friday and I think that the clock is playing tricks. I am here till 5, but ready to go now. I have a jam packed weekend planned. A weekend of very little thinking -- hopefully. Tonight is all about crazy antics with my favorite girl in the whole world. Chuckles and I have planned to spend the evening rocking out on a speaker while sipping rye-and-cokes. She is then going to sleep over. Tomorrow, Peaches and I are going to a pub to watch the hockey game. Don’t tell him that I have no clue what hockey drama is going on and I am actually okay with being ignorant about the sport. In fact, don’t tell anyone in this crazy little city I live in. Sunday is Grey Cup Sunday…also something I could care less about except that it offers a reason to indulge in homemade nachos at my friend’s place while watching her ginormous tv.
It is probably going to be a pricey weekend. And my frugal side of me is saying I should cancel all plans, stay in and watch movies. But my sad heart-broken side is demanding that I get out there and laugh and try to forget that I may have told my future to go away and never come back. I know that it was a future that wasn’t even offering me what I wanted (although he now is if I can give him one more chance…can I? Still not sure how long I can play the make-up, break-up game), but it’s still scary that everything I had mapped out now needs to be re-routed.
I bought myself a plane ticket to Saskatoon yesterday. I am going to spend New Years with Jsquared. I wish it was time to go now. I wish I could get out of town for awhile and just think and not worry about putting on a strong face for work. I wish that A hadn’t told me he didn’t know if I was the one. I wish for world peace. I wish I could buy a house now. I wish I could quit working and finish school full-time. I wish it was 5:00.


Making up for past mistakes said...

Aw hun, I hope you have a really nice weekend, no matter what you end up doing.

Good for you for making some great plans for New Years - start 2009 off with a fresh slate.

Northern Living Allowance said...

I tagged you today. Check out my blog for the details ;)

Making up for past mistakes said...

I've tagged you! :-)