Sunday, August 9, 2009

1:10 AM

I went to The Lion King Musical today. It is amazing. I recommend if you have the chance to see it, GO! BUT, again, beware the many talking kids, screaming kids, restless kids. I wish parents wouldn't assume that their child will enjoy sitting quietly in a chair in the dark watching a is NOT the same as the animated movie that the child watches in the living room where the child is also able to play, fidget, colour or wander around.
Best parts: The giraffes, the animals walking down the aisle to greet baby Simba, when both Mufasa and Scar "fall" to their deaths, remembering when I saw the movie in theatres in grade seven (or maybe six?).

After we went for dinner at an oyster and wine bar. YUMMY!

It's late and I am sitting here thinking about too much. I feel confused and majorly dissatisfied with who I am in life these days. I have been working on a "designing my life" vision and feel positive and inspired at times. Right now though I feel lonely. He says he doesn't want to lose me and wants to try. But hasn't contacted me all day. And when I don't hear from him I get anxious and thoughts wander. He might read this and then I worry he will read it wrong and decide not to try. And should it be like this? Me constantly feeling unsure about him being unsure? I don't know if what I expected to happen when he decided to come back is reasonable and maybe I am being unfair wanting to be near him all of the time... it just makes me feel more at ease when he is near.... sorry for rambling.

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