Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny People...

...was about an hour too long.
Pros: Some laugh out loud great jokes, it is mentioned that Adam Sandler's character's movies suck even though he is funny which is exactly the issue I have with Adam Sandler, the lesson about looking for what's important in life

Cons: Too many phallic references, ending dragged, Ira's "love" story was lame (no spark whatsoever)

Breakout star: The little girl named Ingrid. But I am biased to cute kids.

WTF moment: Cameo from Eminem?

I am glad I had a coupon and didn't pay for this movie (or the popcorn or the drinks). I forgot what it was like to see a movie on a Friday night. Reminded me of being 14 and pretty much spending my weekends at the movie theatre. And for some reason that makes me think about reading issues of YM and Seventeen.
A nice night out even though the movie was only okay.

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