Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling back into Summer

Today was a beautiful fall day. A gentle breeze would occasionally blow by and shake a few of the golden coloured leaves off of the trees. I stopped in the mall this morning to pick up a few essentials and window shop browsed at a few fall pieces I long for. I came home and sat on my balcony, sipping vanilla biscotti coffee while I read for school. My throat is killing me and my sinuses are stuffed, but I still allowed myself to enjoy the 34 degree Celsius day that Mother Nature thought was best suited for autumn. Remember two days ago when the last day of summer turned into the first day of fall? Because someone forgot to mention to Lady Gaea it was time to trade her summer hat for some autumn accessories. Here in Calgary anyway.

I am not complaining. I think its great to wear flip flops and shorts while walking my dog through piles of crunchy leaves. I just really want to start wearing some fall outfits! I want to wear my cute new boots with tights and dresses. I did enjoy reading on my balcony today though, and soon enough I will be wishing for days like today so I am glad I was able to take advantage of it -- even with the cold symptoms I am battling.

I just have to get through this week of finishing up a course and then exciting October is upon me. I have a lot of events with GirlTalk: an evening of meal prep so my freezer is well prepared for the winter (or will have at least 6 meals in it anyway), discussing the Time Traveller's Wife at Food and Fiction AND Eat, Pray, Love at Books and Brunch, and watching some fabulous musical dinner theatre inspired by the King himself --the King being Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley. I bought myself some blue suede shoes this evening online (SO DANGEROUS!!!) for this event.
This is what I am thinking about so far:

I do have an Elvis professional helping me out too :)

And then at the end of October, I will be travelling out to North Battleford to partake in my lovely friend's Halloween themed wedding! I can't wait to see it all pulled together --the ultimate Halloween party of the year :)

But like I said, I just need to get through this last week of September. Finish these two papers and tell CanLit to hit the TransCanada Highway.

Also, I am walking Light the Night on Saturday evening. I am still accepting donations if you would like to sponsor me

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