Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pop Rocks Rock!

I am sitting here today enjoying a bag of pop rocks aka THE best candy in the world. And I was thinking about how they are made. Luckily in this day and age when the powers of google are in font of me at all times, I was able to find out.

This technology infused candy is basically packed with tiny 600-psi carbon dioxide bubbles. When the candy hits your tongue and begins melting, all of those bubbles are released creating the popping sensation. Here is a more technical explanation if you need it.

Once, Dairy Queen had a pop rocks blizzard. It was like somebody saw the genius of pop rocks and thought "how can I make this even more awesome?" I sure miss that blizzard but it was a limited time only thing. I wonder if I brought a bag to Dairy Queen, if they would make me one.....

Tonight is GirlTalk Food and Fiction and we are discussing Marley and Me (even though it isn't fiction....) I am ready to hear lots of tear jerking stories of the groups pets. I know while I read it, I bawled many times and often had to stop just to hug Molly. I also laughed out aloud many times. I recommend this book. I hear the movie is pretty well done too.

I am also volunteering my time at the Dream Centre radiothon this afternoon. The Dream Centre is for homeless men that want to get off the street. They apply for a room and if they get in, the centre offers courses to help these guys stay off of the streets and obtain ways to live a brighter future. It's a really good cause I think.

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