Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm a real wild (eighties) child

Next Tuesday I am co-hosting my first event with the GirlTalk events networking group! We are rollerskating at the roller rink and the theme is 1980s fashion, fads and favorites. I am thinking today about all things I loved about the 1980s. I was born in 1982 so was a child and most of my favorite memories revolve around Saturday morning cartoons, toys and imagining that i was either Jem or Barbie in an all girls music band.

I am working on trivia questions today and keep remembering all of these things that make me really gleeful. For example, watching Star Search on Saturday evenings/early afternoons or Gummi Bear Cereal :) Not only did I collect Cabbage Patch kids like every other little girl in the 1980s, I still have my Kooza (spelling?) Cat...a cabbage patch pet :) Cuddles was my first toy that I loved and dragged around and still sits on my shelf. I wasn't a huge my Little Ponies fan, but I did have a million and two Barbie dolls...Perfume Pretty Barbie, Pretty in Pink Barbie, Superstar Barbie, California Barbie etc. etc.

And finally, I keep thinking about our Atari...I wish we still had it. We had this game called Plaque Attack where you used toothpaste to shoot the hamburgers and candy attacking your teeth. I loved that game and it might be the sole reason I have never had a cavity my entire life.

What do you remember about the 80s? Were you a teenager that chilled at the mall with big bangs and high tops? Or were you little like me and remember when cartoons on Saturday morning meant something?


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I was born in 72. My most lasting memory of the 80s was the hair. My god, the hair.

Arual said...

I am trying to get my hair that big....and not succeeding very well. Different products must have existed in the 80s!

SpillingBuckets said...

You already hosted this but I wanted to reply anyway.

I was born in '85 - so most of my memories are similar to yours. Except I HATED barbies, and had TONS of My Little Ponies.

Almost all my memories are of the 90's though. I loved the first Nintendo game "Paper Boy" and "Duck Hunter"

Arual said...

I hosted this event tonight. It was a lot of fun. We played a relay race where we had to swallow a bag of pop rocks, carry silly putty on a spoon and gallop my little ponies down the rink. Most of my memories are from the 1990s too. I firmly believe that dance music reached a pinacle in 1994 :)