Friday, May 21, 2010

A story...

Once there was a girl. She fell in love with a boy. And the boy said he fell in love with her too and she believed him. She gave him her heart.

One day the boy dropped her heart. And it chipped, but she polished it off and gave it back to him because he promised to take care of it. And the boy did seem to be more careful for a little while.

One day the boy dropped her heart again. And it broke into two. The girl was disappointed that he had been so careless. She tried her hardest to mend the two pieces back together, but the chip wouldn't let the pieces sit right. She wrapped her heart up to protect it. The girl realized the boy didn't want her heart enough to keep it safe and told the boy that he had to go.

The boy came back to the girl and pleaded his case. He would do everything in his power not to wreck havoc on her heart anymore if she would let him have it again. She wasn't sure. She loved him, but he had been so careless in the past. The boy revealed many of her heart's hopes and dreams and promised the girl that if he could have it, he would make sure not only to fix the heart, but also to let those hopes and dreams grow into reality. And she believed him. She gave him her heart.

But the boy hadn't been completely honest with himself. And because of that, he ended up lying to the girl without meaning to. In his haste to escape and feel free, he dropped her heart again and this time it smashed into millions and millions of pieces. He didn't even bend down to help her pick it up.

The girl collected all of the pieces and tried to put them back together. Some pieces fit in different places which changed the shape of her heart. Some pieces seem to be gone forever. The girl thought she would have to continue through life with pieces of her heart missing.

In her sadness, she started doing new things for her. And with each new accomplishment, she found a sparkling piece of life that glittered in the sun and fit into one of the holes. The clouds started to move away as her heart became filled with beauty and kindness again.

One day the girl was out for a walk. And she met a boy. Who was nice. And in his hand he had a gift for her. A piece of his heart that would fill the last hole in hers.

The end.

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Janine said...

Oh... tearing up.

I feel you on this, however I'm going to be looking for a few missing pieces for awhile I think.

Glad this girl is finding ways to heal.. that makes me happy. Hope!

The Asian Pear said...

So sweet! It almost made me want to tear up.

Canadian Saver said...

This makes me happy for the girl and curious too :-)