Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I am Reading Wednesday

For Books and Brunch this month, I chose the tell-all story from hockey great(?) Theo Fleury Playing with Fire. I figured this might be interesting as he lives in Calgary,I live in Calgary and I still get excited when I see my hometown in print.

That said, this ice and snow (haha, I'm hilarious) filled memoir is kind of pissing me off. Theo seems a little full of himself. Yes, I realize he was probably a great player, skater, stick handler, goal maker etc. But does every single paragraph have to reiterate how great he is? Even when the pages are filled with drugs and drinking, he still has to be the best party-er there is. And of course he would get The Great One to write the opening.

This book is also timely as recently Graham James's pardon from the Sheldon Kennedy case has been made public knowledge and maybe Theo could help put the sick (four letter word inserted here) back behind bars where he belongs.

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