Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Read Wednesday

Sorry this is a day late.

Last night WordFest hosted an evening with Chuck Palahniuk and I attended. This was the first time I saw an author read and it was entertaining, strange, fascinating and enlightening. He is on tour promoting his new novel Tell-All and Calgary was his only Canadian stop. That was pretty awesome!

He read to us a short story that he is having published in PlayBoy later this year. A dark tale that was uncomfortable. Off-colour jokes woven through a tale of a father on his deathbed and a son who couldn’t deal with losing his father. Shocking, yet I found myself laughing at the inappropriate humour.

Then Mr. Palahniuk threw out blow up academy awards and the audience competed to blow these up the quickest – the prize looked like cans of Spam. What everyone needs in life :)

The novel Tell-All has an interesting story line and I look forward to reading it. Especially after a Q and A session where Chuck offered up some insight as to where his ideas begin and how they are perversely twisted to create the stories that his fans can not put down. Or he could have been feeding us all a bunch of BS and maybe his stories actually come out of nowhere and are meaningless.

I am still reading Playing with Fire. Almost done (today at lunch it will be finished) and I am no more a fan of Fleury then I was before. In fact, I am tired of how great he is (guess what? He is even the greatest in rehab!!! Grr!).

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Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Author readings are interesting. I have only been to a couple, but they have both been enjoyable.