Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I am Reading Wednesday

For Food and Fiction this month, I am reading Do Androids Dram of Electric Sheep by Phillip K Dick. This was the inspiration for the movie Bladerunner, which I plan on watching after I am done reading this. I have to say, I find this book pretty intriguing so far. All of the obsession with animals especially!

It's mentioned that the Owls were the first to die - dropping out of the sky and at first it was seen as humorous, but then worrisome. Owls symbolize wisdom, so the owls dropping dead means the loss of wisdom? And my co-host mentioned how she found the Ostrich being this prized, valuable bird to be surprising as it is a flightless bird and I think about how when the ostrich is in danger, he (or she) buries his (or her) head so as not to face it....there has also been a lot of mention of chicken heads in this novel so far too. Why all the bird symbolism!?! I am super excited to discuss this novel tomorrow night. So I better hurry up and finish it.

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Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I haven't read it (but I should). Blade Runner is really good.