Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Musings

  • This morning while walking the dog, I watched one old man boost another old man's truck. By old I do mean in their 70s, which I suppose some may consider young. Anyway, when the truck started, the old man needing the boost jumped out of the cab exclaiming that his friend (or possibly a stranger giving a hand) was magic and reached out to shake his hand. I loved witnessing this moment. A helping hand that was appreciated so much.

  • Last night I picked up moving boxes from someone on Twitter advertising that she had tons. She wasn't lying. My Corolla was filled (back seat, front seat and trunk) and it felt very much like a clown car with how many boxes we got in there. It turned out that I had actually met the lady giving them away a few years ago at a GirlTalk Event. This city is crazy small sometimes.

  • I kept half of those boxes and brought the other half to Rainman. As we unloaded my car and I kept piling them in his arms until he ended up dropping all of them, we had one of those fall down laughs with tears. I love moments like that -- it was so ridiculous that even now I am smirking thinking about it.

  • 24 more sleeps till I get to share a room with my best friend. It's like counting down to Christmas. We're both very excited.

  • I just read The Cat who Came in from the Cold --a fable about a wild cat in India who became the first domesticated cat. I really enjoyed it, it only took about an hour to read and the lessons on human nature were interesting.

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