Thursday, August 23, 2012

The apartment

Tonight is my last night in my apartment. 3 years ago I moved in here and decided that this would be my fresh start in life. And although at first I kept falling back into my old habits with my ex, I would determine that the last three years have been filled with major growth and discovery.

This place is not a luxury home in any way, shape or form. In fact, some months I feel it borders on slums. I have had major issues with the rental company regarding repairs (a leak that happened in April of 2010 and destroyed the ceiling in my bedroom is still not fixed, despite multiple attempts to have it done) and most of the people who have lived in this building last only a few months before making the midnight move. I did love that I had plenty of space, and I was a quick walk from both work and shopping, as well I could easily get down town.

I have cried a lot behind the closed door. And laughed a lot. I read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies and spent copious amounts of time Interneting. I enjoyed shared cases of beer and lone bottles of wine. And in the time period living here I fell in love twice -- once with myself and then with Rainman. It was all part of the process of discovering myself.

We move to our new place tomorrow. The truck will be here at 10, followed by a long day of loading and unloading furniture, boxes, artifacts of my past. After tomorrow morning, Molly will have a new route to walk. I will no longer be greeted by the graffiti outline of Yoda outside my building every day. I won't know the drama that takes place in the adjacent apartments to mine anymore. Or hear good morning from the regular bottle pickers that always reciprocate my smile as I pass them my empties. I will have new spots to become familiar with. A new coffee shop and a new pub to start frequenting. We will be much further from downtown and it will start to feel like a special out of the way trip.

My room mate situation will change as I learn to live daily with my fiance. And we figure out the perfect balance of space and togetherness under one roof. I will have 2 cats and a dog to receive unconditional love from. There will be adjustments for everyone as we start to make the new house our home.

I am excited for the next chapter, but have been so caught up in this chapter, loving each and every moment, I am reluctant to finish the last sentence. To close the door behind me for the final time and leave these walls for the next occupants to dwell within. I hope they experience the growth I have.

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unabashedlyashley said...

fell in love twice. best line ever written on this blog.