Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Rambling

  • I find it entertaining that Rainman thinks you can't have cereal for dinner or ice cream cake for breakfast. It's even more entertaining to me to witness the look of horror on his face when I break this silly rule of his. Life is for living and if I feel like having ice cream, then that's what I am going to do. 
  • Our raffle for Ronald McDonald House started this week. We have 2500 tickets to sell. We have sold about 200 of them and its day 2. Keeping optimistic about reaching our goal. My little brother surprised me today saying he had sold 50 tickets and asked for more. I am seriously surrounded by awesome
  • Kitty has moved in with Oryx, Molly and me till our big move at the end of the month. She has claimed the top of the fridge as hers due to it's bird's eye view of the other animals she now has to associate with. She isn't impressed with this situation at all. I think it's the apathy from my pets that's bothering her the most.
  • I have another new manager at work. I am excited for this opportunity to increase my knowledge base of the industry as well as intrigued with utilizing some more social media aspects within my role. 7 managers in 5 years and every single one has helped me not only professionally, but also personally (even if they had no idea everything I have taken away from their mentorship)
  • Still struggling with running. I have started following running blogs to inspire and motivate me. 
  • On tonight's episode of Cooking with Lala, I made tuna burgers. Except I substituted gold fish crackers for bread crumbs. They were tasty and a nice alternative to just adding the tuna to my salad. And having tuna helped me gain back Kitty's adoration.
  • Happy this is a short week and that it's a pay week. Just 16 more sleeps till we are in the new place!

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