Monday, December 1, 2008

Make your own Moonshine

This is the website of the day and I think I know what people are getting for Christmas this year! Good times held by all :)

This weekend was a blast. I watched the surreal film fest on Saturday and finally saw Salvedor Dali's infamous short. And then on Sunday I tried the Tubby Dog Cap'n Dog hot dog. Who would have thought that peanut butter, jam and Cap'n crunch could taste okay on a hot dog. Not something one should eat everyday or after heavy drinking, but I am glad to say I have tried it once.

AND on Sunday I was able to add to my Dr. Seuss collection and found a first edition of the Cat in The Hat's Songbook. Exciting! My little collection is growing and really adding some depth to my bookshelf. I must appear so deep to new acquaintances that browse to figure stuff out about me. Maybe I can write an analysis of Dr. Seuss picture books and their deeper meanings....

PS. Its December 1 and its 13 degrees out (Celsius). I love Chinooks :)

PPS. I can't wait to eat my advent chocolate when I get home.

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Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Hotdogs are just barely above chicken in my personal food chain. I make a ritual of eating one, and only one hot dog a year. Maybe next year, I'll try the Tubby Dog.