Friday, December 12, 2008


This is not a sponsored post. I do not even write sponsored posts. This about a product we got in at the toy store that Ilove (although I do think the price tag is a bit extreme).

The moonjar is three tins wrapped together. Each tin is a piggy bank and is designated for a certain action. One tin for saving, one for spending, one for sharing. This is a fabulous way (I think) to teach children about money and responsibility that comes with money.

You can check it out here

The concept is great, but what I decided to do is steal this idea for when I have kids, but use spaghetti jars. Let my kids paint each jar or decorate it how they wish. Maybe a picture of what they are saving for on the saving jar, or who they would like to share their money with on the sharing one. And this way they can watch their money grow too.

I think it's my new favorite product in the toystore.

In other small mall news, a store in the mall has the following sign outside their store to lure customers in: What Recession? Come in and spend now! followed by a list of all things that are a "deal."

I laughed. And shook my head. And thought about the moonjars.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh I love these!!! Even older "kids" like me and you could use those!

Saver Queen said...

Cute - but like you say, why not make your own? There was that episode of Till Debt Do Us Part when Gail had the kids paint their own jars, and I thought that was cute.