Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Good evening Internets,

Its late or early depending on when you go to sleep or wake up. I am caught up in the dramatics of My Sister's Keeper only to be stopped in my tracks due to the problems with pulp fiction and mass producing novels in paperback form. I am missing pages 205 to 227. And something incredible happened in those pages because the dynamics of the family have been extremely altered. WTF! I mean, it's an easy read and in a lot of ways I have already filled in blanks because the book has mostly been predictable (for example, I was not at all surprised that Jesse was the arsonist causing his dad more fires to put out). And they sure mention the gold fish and fishbowls a lot....the symbolism is somewhat cliche, but I digress. The issue is when you are in a rhythm, getting caught up in plot lines and suddenly there is a breakage....well, it is a lot like white noise while listening to your favorite guilty pleasure song or watching a white bronco cruise down the highway as news anchors insist there is breaking news right in the middle of the cheesy movie of the week. You are not really confused, but kind of disappointed.

And I am disappointed. I bought this mass produce edition because it was less expensive. Is it less expensive because it's missing pages and entire plot twists? Is it wrong that I want to not only email the publishing division (a certain pocket books fiction), but their boss (hello Simon & Schuster) as well as Ms. Jodi Picoult. Shouldn't she be embarrassed that her work has been mutilated and mutated in such a way? Does she really want her name attached to incomplete work? Are these missing pages actually a metaphor?

And by the way Ms Picoult, how come you not only have the opportunity to write best sellers, but you were also blessed with long red ringlets? Rule number one as an adult I guess. Life is not fair and I should get used to it. Send me the missing pages and I will forgive all.

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Janine said...

SO frustrating! You know, I likely would send those e-mails... get those pages! Grrr... I'm sure someone can lend you their book tomorrow..