Saturday, November 28, 2009

Painting the town green with Christmas lights

The Grey Cup is on Sunday and it's being hosted by my hometown. The company I work for is a huge sponsor of the festival so yesterday I had the opportunity to work in the booth we had at the street festival. And it was a blast! When big parties like this happen in town, everyone is in such a good mood and super friendly. Even fans of opposing teams can happily jest each other without getting too worked up. The ambiance is contagious and I really got into the spirit of Rider nation even though I could care less about football (or sports in general -- I am a proud bandwagon hopper!). Here is a fun fact: Historians date the carnival-like activities associated with the Grey cup game back to 1948, when fans of the western champion Calgary Stampeders dressed in western gear, square danced, flipped flapjacks, partied in the streets of Toronto and rode a horse through the lobby of the posh Royal York Hotel. So it was my hometown that showed this nation how to party it up! Yahoooo! (source is wikipedia)

Last night I was also able to score free tickets to the Calgary ZooLights IceBreaker event. They are so beautifully done and filled me with Christmas spirit. I love sipping hot chocolate (and baileys albeit I had Kahlua) while walking through and admiring the millions of lights used to light up the night. We had a quick snowstorm around 4 yesterday afternoon that enhanced the Christmas-y feel of last night.

And then I went to my friend January's birthday where we danced like we were 18. I loved it. And again there were football fans left, right, and centre rocking out and buying rounds.

Today I have nothing on the agenda except reading for school. I may go down to the street festival tonight so I can see the light display they will be having there.

I had a pretty good Friday. :)

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