Friday, November 13, 2009

My perfect Friday

Frugal Dreamer wrote a piece about her perfect Friday which prompted me to think about my own.

My perfect Friday begins by waking up around 8 for a light breakfast of coffee, toast, and scrambled eggs while perusing the newspaper and watching the local morning show. I shower and dress by 9, then sit in my home office (with south facing windows for maximum vitamin D exposure) where I blog, research and write for a couple of hours. I’m a free lance writer for various local magazines/e-zines and write commentary pieces on life using gardening, cooking and other domestic duties as metaphors.
For lunch I meet up with a girlfriend or a colleague at a café (not sure if it would be trendy or hole-in-the-wall as I love both kinds of cafes). We gossip and share tidbits of life with each other -- this is my weekly tradition to stay connected. After quite a few cups of coffee, I make my way over to the market to pick up any fresh ingredients for dinner that night as well as for the weekend. In a way, this is all part of my job as it is simply researching life.

I spend the afternoon tidying (although I do this regularly so that my house is always presentable), preening in my garden (I have both an indoor garden as well as an outdoor garden), noting in list form what I want to accomplish over the weekend and putting together my husband and my evening dinner. Friday evening is date night for us. I try to make Friday dinners more special and adventurous because of that.
My husband may work outside of the home or he may have his own office (whatever his perfect Friday entails). We live on a small piece of land because I wanted garden space and chickens; he wanted quiet country air and the ability to own a horse someday. We are neither farmers nor ranchers by trade though. We just felt that a home should be a permanent vacation spot. My garden is a mixture of vegetables and flowers because it is mostly a place where I allow myself to experiment.

Date night begins with cocktails or a glass of wine (we make our own in the cellar). We sit in our sunroom and discuss our day, current events and our goals that we are working towards. We enjoy our dinner always followed by dessert and then play a game of scrabble or monopoly or even snakes and ladders. Once I win (it is my perfect Friday after all), we celebrate my victory soaking in our hot tub under the stars. My perfect Friday is reaching an end and I prepare for my perfect Saturday. Because the way I look at it, this is my life and why can’t I have a perfect everyday?


Janine said...

SIGN ME UP.. that sounds like a great day.. but for me without all of the coffee!! Oh, and I think my husband would cook dinner for me! Or we would head out to a favorite restaurant... yeah, that would be wonderful.
This summer we should find a place where we can learn to can.. actually, my mom does a lot of canning, you would love her garden, she grows most of her own food, has chickens for eggs, donkeys as guard dogs (as well as two dogs), 9 cats, and uses her goats for milk (she never has to buy it). In the summer and fall she cans everything in her garden and gives Jam to everyone she knows (we have loads). So.. when I'm in my new kitchen and the season is right we will have to tackle that!

Frugal Dreamer said...

Um... WOW! :)

Sounds like an amazing day!!!!!

So glad you did this :)