Saturday, November 28, 2009

In my bag

I told you I am a proud bandwagon hopper! It seems like many are participating in the bag meme and now I am too.

My bag is from House of Dereon's line circa 2007. It cost $150 and I bought it at Winners. I love it.
In my bag I have:
A bottle of kahlua from last night's outing. It will be going into my liquor cabinet now. ($15ish)
A FFWD newspaper to let me know what's happening around town this week (free)
My Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet. I love the deep purple and contrasting lime green stitching together. Adam bought it for me for Christmas in 2007 (free)
A pen I picked up at a tradeshow (the realtor tradeshow maybe??) (free)
My AU student planner which is also my life planner (free...for being a student which is not free)
The 100 Mile Diet Book and questions for discussion. This is for tomorrow morning's book and brunch book club meeting. I am so excited for the brunch. There are apparently 7 different type of eggs benny to choose from :) (book was about $20, questions were created by me, but essentially free)
Theatre Calgary's 2009-2010 season brochure. (free)
60 cents and a pink bobby pin. (no idea where the change came from, found it in the pocket. bobby pin was bought as part of a pack of 50 at Liquidation World and I have no idea how much. It is from the Seventeen line of hair products. I miss reading Seventeen Magazine)


The Asian Pear said...

how is the 100 mile diet book? i've been thinking of picking it up or borrowing it from the library as i am thinking of doing that in the future (probably next summer).

Laura said...

Hi Asian Pear,

This was my thoughts on 100 mile diet --
I am excited for books and brunch tomorrow to see what other people's oppinions are :) If you do read it, let me know what you think

Dolly Iris said...

Did you watch the show they did? They took the challenge to Mission, BC. I loved it and watched it from beginning to end.

Laura said...

No! I had no idea these people even existed till I picked up the book for the book club. Is the show online anywhere? Maybe I will check their website...