Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crab Walking down the Mountain with Team Hot Mess

Today was my first of three snowboarding lessons held at the local hill in town. I live less than an hour from the Rocky Mountains and for awhile I have thought it was kind of ridiculous that I am not utilizing them more. On my "bucket list" I have learn how to snowboard...that item has been there for so many years. GirlTalk offered a snowboarding session so I jumped on the chance to host it.
Today was beautiful -- clear sky, very sunny and it was about 13 degrees Celsius. Super nice day to be outside learning how to walk with a snowboard on, how to go down the hill forward with weight resting on my heels and then backwards with my weight resting on my toes. Before we learned how to go down the hill, we crabbed walked first which was super weird. A vital aspect to snowboarding I suppose ;-)

The clinic I am in is three sessions that run for an hour and a half Sunday mornings (so today and the next two weeks). The girls in my clinic are awesome. We are very supportive of one another and cheer each other on while we learn some new skills. Hopefully I have made some new friends that will want to head out to the mountains with me one day to tackle a harder slope.

Today was a pretty good day. And I only fell once! :) I will have some pictures next week. I can't wait.

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QL girl said...

That sounds awesome! With all this Olympic coverage, I'm kind of getting the itch to learn to ski or snowboard or something....too bad I live NO WHERE near any mountains, Maybe I can water ski instead? lol.