Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Universe

I am putting it out there in the hopes you can hear and maybe help me out. I request a happy ending please (and I am not talking about the type of happy ending that takes place in certain massage parlour establishments). I am standing on the side of the road right now because I decided to get out of the vehicle I was in and walk -- not realizing that although in the end this might be the right path, it is also the path that forces me to deal with a lot of my own thoughts and external weather. Please give me a sign universe that I was supposed to do this. A sign that may also state that I am generally headed in the right direction to enter the emerald city. I realize that at times I may venture off this yellow brick road, but if I could just know that I am heading in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Finally Universe, could you please send the Sandman my way? I am kind of tired, but my thoughts, anxieties, worries etc. are keeping me up till strange hours of the morning. Unfortunately, I am then expected to be sitting at my desk every day too which cuts into any sleep I do manage to get. You can see how this is wreaking havoc on me a little bit...

And one more note...thank you universe for the things you have provided me so far. Thank you for motivating me enough with hopes and dreams of a brighter day that I can function well enough to keep a roof over my head and my furry children well fed. Thank you for sunshine on my walk home from work today.


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