Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the first day of Lent. I usually give up something (last year, I gave up the convenience of the cafeteria at work, the year before coca cola -- very difficult as I ♥ Coca Cola like nothing else...), but this year I was thinking I could spend the next 40 days nurturing myself. Forty days pampering myself. Forty days forgiving myself and being nice to myself.

I know that the point is to give up something so that you understand sacrifice. I was raised Catholic, but in no way am I devout. I think the idea of changing one's behavior and being conscious about one's actions for forty days is important too. Which is why I am going to spend the next forty days listening to my needs and taking care of myself.

Day 1? I am going to have a hot bath, listen to Norah and let the stress of today go...


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

neat idea.

I am trying to give up soft drinks this year. It is a dual Lent/health thing so I hope to stay off of them even after Lent is over.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Awesome. Simply awesome. Enjoy every single minute of pampering and forgiving and nurturing. You deserve it!!

jozen said...

my hubby is a cokeaholic and gives up coke every year.

instead of "giving up something" i try to do "more of something" ie attend church more, read to my kids more, be more patient.

i think i get more out of it by doing it that way.