Sunday, February 7, 2010

My cocoon is bursting

I have a new manager at work and she told me that sometimes when one's cocoon breaks open there is a little bit of pain. Right now I have a lot of pain in life. It's hard to get out of bed. It's hard to smile at friends, family and strangers and pretend that everything is normal. It's hard to stop myself from freaking right out. When my manager said this to me, she was discussing the new dynamics of our department. I think the reason this new manager came into my life the moment she did is because I needed to hear this piece of wisdom to apply to my personal life.

Yes, I am feeling copious amounts of pain right now. I am doubled over and I am having issues believing the pain will subside. But this pain is because my cocoon is bursting. I am going through a change and any moment my wings will unfold and I will be able to soar.

"If there was never any change, there wouldn't be butterflies" -unknown

One of my favorite quotes. Things will be okay. This is all making me stronger, smarter and more successful.


Canadian Saver said...

{{{hugs}}} I hope everything is better soon... I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

Money Funk said...


One feel more pain when they resist the change. Go with the flow. Change is inevitable and helps us to grow. Accept it and find the opportunity in it. :)