Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello friend,
I am so glad you are here. January was filled with surprises and lots of stressed-filled moments. I am hoping the 28 days you encompass will be less roller coaster and more Ferris wheel as that is my hope for 2010.

This month will be busy though. Here is my month to-do list
1. CanLit Challenge Essay (to be done Feb long wknd - Feb 13-15)
2. CanLit Challenge Final (to be written Feb 27)
3.Learn to Snowboard (am hosting a 3 week clinic with GirlTalk through Canada Olympic Park the last two Sundays of February and the 1st Sunday of March)
4. Organize my psychology course so that I can complete it by March 31
5.Hang pictures in bathroom and living room
6. Purchase a dining room table so that I have somewhere to sit and eat!
7. Set up some automatic transfers to regain control over my money
8.Read The Lovely Bones and create some discussion questions for book club meeting on 18th. More of a format where if there is a lull in conversation can use questions as a reference?
9.Compare a few different models of kind of car I want. Go for some test drives. Try to come to a decision
10. Organize Birth week celebration that will be commencing in March

It's heart month, so I need to also remember to take some time to nurture myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to nurture ones self?

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