Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeling ....I don't know

I'm sorry my blog has been low lately. I have been dealing with a cloud over my head and I am fighting to make it blow away and that leaves me feeling run down. I am tired. I feel like I haven't slept decently in weeks. Its hard to sit at my desk and concentrate.

This weekend was somewhat upbeat. I rearranged furniture in the hopes the change would make me feel different -- and it worked! I sipped tea, and played copious amounts of UNO online.

I read Push in one sitting (which was not an upbeat book in subject matter, yet was inspiring watching Precious grow and stand up for herself). I don't know if I could watch the movie and sit through all of that again. This being said, I do think you should read Push. Just be prepared to be uncomfortable through out most of it.

I purchased Nora Jones's new album and it's okay. I think her first album is still the best one.

I went shoe shopping...and walked away empty handed! I knew then that something is seriously bothering me (just kidding, I know that something is seriously bothering me with or without new shoes).

I am in Kaileen Elise's blog gift swap and today I finished up my care package to mail out tomorrow. That was mood altering! I hope that my gift brings joy to somebody :)

And now I am just sitting here blogging, thinking about how tomorrow I have to get through another day and feeling not inspired by what tomorrow has to offer. I need a change in my life. I am starting to look at other options in ways to spend my days, but worried about making a decision at this time.

Things that were great about today:
I ordered my bridesmaid dress for the BFF's wedding. And putting it out to the universe that it gets here by May 15th.
Care package is completed and ready to be mailed out tomorrow
Enjoyed cheesecake flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips and raspberries from marble slab
Had a nice chat with someone very important to me and crossing my fingers in that area.
Gardening stuff is starting to be put out as well...excited to plant and nurture something physical which may help me nurture my soul.

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