Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fooled again

As we are all aware, today is national prank day (or prank morning as all the fun ends at noon). I totally fell for the prank at work when it was announced our cafeteria was removing all deep fried foods, starting with fries and tater tots followed by a phasing out of deep fried meats. I felt despair. I love french fries. I actually love all things deep fried. I would be totally content deep frying everything and this is one of the reasons I enjoy carnival food so much.

So I sent an email to a few friends in corporate communications letting them know I was a sad panda regarding this news...and of course I have now been quoted in the "gotcha!" article just released. My claim to fame at work I guess.

But thankfully, fried food is here to stay (at least for now) so I consoled myself with an order of large fries.

Were you fooled today? Or did you fool anyone?

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Northern Living Allowance said...

That's actually very good! I'm sorry you got caught, but it did make me smile :)

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

My boss told everyone she came in early and hid a bunch of Easter eggs. One guy looked for about 30 minutes. Thankfully I had a bunch of crap to get done, so I didn't have time to be fooled.